Now that The Christian Entrepreneur has become a new site called Marketplace Christianity, what is happening with this site? What topics will you write about, and what changes are in store?

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Did Quiznos miss the mark when they tried to adapt Joel Veitch’s We Love the Moon sketch for their sub commercial? It was definitely a strange one, but was it effective?

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What’s your all time favorite commercial? There are many great ones from which to choose. My favorite is a tv advertising campaign by EDS kicked off during the 2000 Super Bowl.

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Building a community around your blog can be frustrating. It often feels like trying to jam a square block in a round hole. The best way to build your community …

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To accommodate the expanding vision of The Christian Entrepreneur, I have created a new website called Marketplace Christianity at mpchristianity.com. This new site will expand the conversation to include topics related to entrepreneurs, employees, leadership, sales & marketing, and stewardship.

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Each Friday I comb through the blog posts I Stumbled Upon during the week, and I share the best ones with you. Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair.

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