Personal Reflections

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What comes into your mind when you think about God? For most of my life I’ve pictured Him as a cosmic traffic cop. I was always worried about getting caught in His speed trap.

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There are some songs that make me stop in my tracks during the holiday season. They remind me of what’s truly important, and they touch my heart and cause tears to flow.

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Have you ever listened to someone’s “experience with God” and laughed at the absurdity of it? When does the impossible become the possible. Are we too busy laughing that we fail to see God at work?

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Have you ever had a passion for something but found that you were constantly being pulled away from it? Perhaps the issue is that there’s too much toast in your life.

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I’m privileged to pick my son up from school everyday. I look forward to him having a great day so we can spend time bonding as we rejoice in his good day. This experience got me thinking about my relationship with God.

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It’s natural whenever a disaster strikes to wonder where God is and why He allows such things to happen. How do Christian Entrepreneurs answer this question?

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