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We’ve all met them.  You know who I’m talking about – those entrepreneurs that seem to never sleep.  If they did sleep, you can bet they are practicing presentations in their dreams.  I admit that it’s hard not to be envious with their non-stop energy level and all that they […]

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Are you guilty of sticking your head in the sand during this tough economic climate? What exactly are you looking for down there? And what are you missing?

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Do I really have to do 3 things at once to feel productive? What toll is multi-tasking taking on your small business?

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Ever notice how many points are scored during the last two minutes of a football game? Why does this happen? Do you need a two minute drill for your business?

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Who would have thunk it? A Republican wins the special election for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. What lessons can we learn as entrepreneurs from this election?

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So your goals are SMART, but what is the secret into turning your goals into a driving force in your life? Here’s 5 secrets to turning your goals into reality.

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