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Every year, as summer gives way to fall and the college football season kicks off, you inevitably hear an announcer or sports pundit talk about a spectacular play as being someone’s “Heisman moment”.  Ever wonder what it’d be like if there was a similar trophy for us regular Joes.  What […]

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Smart phones are all around us ready to capture the moment and post it online before instantly, but what happens when that post cost someone their job?

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How many times have you listened to a great motivational speaker, or read an inspirational book, and thought to yourself that your life, your career, or your business was going to be so much better and more fulfilling as a result of the experience? Isn’t that a great feeling?  Your […]

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Watching BP and the Obama administration trying to put a favorable spin on the last 62 days in the Gulf of Mexico would be a comedy of errors that Shakespeare could be proud of if it weren’t for the fact that tens of thousands of barrels of oil are spewing […]

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We spend much of our time early on as entrepreneurs trying to feed our small businesses to the point that they have enough strength to stand on their own.  In many ways, they are like little children we have brought into the world. We teach them, support them, nourish them, […]

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There’s an old saying that all that glitters isn’t gold.  It’s a reminder that sometimes things can look like the real thing, but are actually just fool’s gold.  But, what if what you are looking at really is gold? It’s hard to turn on the television without being bombarded with […]

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