What’s Your Heisman Moment?

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What's Your Heisman Moment? | Bradley A. Harmon

Every year, as summer gives way to fall and the college football season kicks off, you inevitably hear an announcer or sports pundit talk about a spectacular play as being someone’s “Heisman moment”.  Ever wonder what it’d be like if there was a similar trophy for us regular Joes.  What would they play as your highlight when you approached the stage?  What’s your Heisman moment?

Heisman Moments Start Out Ordinary

Your initial thought may be that you’ve had no moments worthy of such acclaim.  Many times when asked about a Heisman moment after the game the player doesn’t even recall the play as being something spectacular.  He was too busy getting back for the next play.

That sounds a lot like our lives, doesn’t it?  We’re too busy living through them to recognize the ordinary moments that were really quite extraordinary. It often takes others to point them out to us. Sadly, few people take the time to do so.  Learn to recognize these moments for yourself.

Players have game film to review the following day which gives them an opportunity to see their Heisman moment as an observer.  Schedule a few minutes each day to quietly reflect upon what you’ve accomplished.  Make it your own game film review.  Look for the highlights.

Heisman Moments Usually Start Out as Mistakes

A good place to look for these is when something went awry.  More often than not, Heisman highlights are the result of a busted play, a circus catch of a poorly thrown ball, a Houdini escape from a certain sack, or a tipped ball suddenly coming a defender’s way.

Sometimes, it’s recovering from your own error.  Other times, it’s capitalizing on someone else’s error. It’s rarely the brilliantly drawn up play executed to perfection.  That’s good news because we all have our share of mistakes on a daily basis.  Think of all those opportunities.

True, it takes training, diligence, & hard work to capitalize on mistakes.  The majority of mistakes still end up being mistakes in the end.  Learn from them.  Improve yourself.  Most of all, never give up.  You’ll be amazed how many highlight reels you’ll be able to compile.

What’s Your Heisman Moment?

In the end, it’s our flaws that make us interesting.  It’s how we react to, and overcome, our mistakes that gives rise to our Heisman moments.  Virtually all great people failed just as greatly in their lives before having their moment.  What about you?  What’s Your Heisman moment?


 Photo Credit: Kelly Kline/Heisman Trophy Trust via Getty Images

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