90 Day Crazy Insane Blog Promotion Challenge – Week 03

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90 Day Crazy Insane Blog Promotion Challenge - Week 03 | Bradley A. Harmon

When I was a kid growing up in Indiana we spent Saturday nights at the bowling alley.  My sisters and I would play the video games, but our quarters would run out well before my parents were done bowling.  Unlike the bowling lanes, there was no reset button on the video games.  Once your lives were gone in the game, you were done.  Well, I’ve ran out of lives with this 90 day challenge.

Was My 90 Day Blog Promotion Challenge Too Crazy Insane?

Maybe, but to be completely honest – I stumbled right out of the gate.  I did not come close to hitting my goals in week 1 or week 2 of this challenge.  By the time week 3 rolled around I was so far off that I didn’t even post an update.  I was embarrassed, and rightfully so.

It was during week 3 that my consulting engagement (which I hadn’t planned on at the outset of this challenge) kicked into high gear requiring 10 to 12 hours per day including 2 hours of travel time.  That contract finished up last week, and it would have been impossible for me to complete this challenge because of it.  Had I started the challenge well, I would have just put it on hold at the end of week 3.

Instead, I just stopped doing anything towards this challenge.  Even with the huge amount of time that this contract required of me, there was still time available for me to do something towards this challenge.  I told myself I was too busy, and gave myself an easy out.  Sadly, I didn’t walk my talk.

What Should I Do With My 90 Day Blog Challenge?

With 5 days remaining until the official end of this challenge, what should I do with it?  Should I sprint to the finish? Should I extend it until I’ve met the objectives?  Perhaps, I should just sweep it under the rug and chalk it up to lessons learned – don’t propose a challenge for which you’re not up to the task.

I’m reminded of something Jim Rohn once said,

All disciplines affect each other.  Mistakenly the man says,  “This is the only area where I let down.” Not true.  Every let down affects the rest.  Not to think so is naive. – Jim Rohn

He’s right.  One of the results I desired from this challenge was to develop more discipline in my blogging and commenting.  Ignoring the commitment I made when I announced this challenge will not develop the discipline I sought.  Even worse, it will spill over and taint the other disciplines in my life.

Pushing the Reset Button

I’ve decided to do a partial reset of this challenge.  Since I’ve had very little activity since week 3, I will resume this challenge picking up at week 4 (or day 22).  My deficit from the first three weeks will be added to this reset, so that the first 21 days from the original start of this challenge plus the next 59 days will make up the 90 days of the challenge.

Here’s where I was at the end of week 3.

  • I made 61 comments on other people’s blogs last week.This brings me up to a total of 235 for the challenge; however, I’m 464 comments behind my target pace of the 233 per week which I’ll need to make to reach 3,000.  You can see all my comments made on other blogs in the sidebar to the right.
  • I wrote 2 guest posts on other people’s blogs last week. One of these has already been published, and one is still being scheduled.  This leaves me with 28 more to go for the challenge.  The RSS feed in the sidebar to the right shows all of my guest posts published around the blogosphere.
  • I published 7 blog posts on my blogs last week. I published 1 post on this site, 1 post onMarketplace Christianity, and 5 posts on Big Feet Marketing.  This brings the total posts for the challenge up to 20 leaving 70 more posts to be published on my 3 blogs over the next 59 days.

At the reset: I need to make 2,765 more comments, 28 more guest posts, and 70 more posts on my 3 blogs in the next 59 days.  Today marks day 1 of those 59 days.  Come back next Monday to see how I’ve done.

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Sue Miley April 25, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Okay Brad…I am putting on my counselor’s hat…..we learned in graduate school that the way to make change occur or disciplines or improvement is to set realistic goals that have a staggered incline. You are actually adding on to an already difficult goal.

Try out this logic:

To really improve our blogging it will help to write more often and on a consistent basis.

To improve our traffic and community and interaction it will help to create relationships with other blogs through commenting and guest posting.

So what is a reasonable goal when you haven’t been writing at all….

I would say one or two posts per week for the first 3-4 weeks until it is working easily. Then stair step to 3-4 posts per week. (Total, not per blog) Then reassess and determine if it makes sense to post more often or if that is creating the improvements you were looking for.

Then begin to work on commenting and guest posting in the same manner. Or do them simultaneously but in a realistic stair step manner.

Ultimately the purpose is to reach your goals right – not just make it through the challenge. If you get to where you have improved your blogging, your consistency and your community then it will have been a worthy challenge.

If you just plow through and achieve the challenge, but then need a 30 day burnout hiatus, it seems like meeting the challenge doesn’t achieve the goal.

You are a great blogger and have valuable information to share. I think we readers would like you to be around for the long haul. What do you think?

Should I just take the counselor hat back off!

Just a friendly challenge back out of concern.
Sue Miley´s last [type] ..Anger Management at Work- The First Step


Brad Harmon April 25, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Thanks for looking out for my well-being, Sue. Your approach is much more sensible than the one I’m taking, and similar to what I would suggest to someone wanting to accomplish these same goals for their site.

The intent of the original challenge was to push these goals to extreme. In the first three weeks, I was anything but extreme in my approach.

Burnout is certainly a possibility with this challenge. If after 30 days or so of meeting, or exceeding, my targets with this challenge I find that burnout is becoming a factor I wouldn’t have an issue pulling the plug on this challenge.

Thank you for the kind words. By all means, keep your counseling hat on. You’re great at it. We’ll take this challenge one week at a time and see what happens.


David Rupert April 25, 2011 at 5:48 pm

Goals are fine, but they need to be realistic.
It’s obvious that you were a little aggressive.
I look forward to your return to the world of regular blogging — whatever regular is :)


Brad Harmon April 25, 2011 at 6:13 pm

I love it, David. I don’t think I know what regular is, either. ;)

The last eight weeks was simply a temporary balancing issue for me with that consulting contract. The timing wasn’t the greatest for my blogs, but it was great for God purposes. I’ll be writing about that experience sometime soon.

I’ll resume posting again at Marketplace Christianity on Wednesday.


Dana April 25, 2011 at 8:33 pm

It was already a hard challenge at beginning so no wonder is you fall behind. Good luck with the reseted challenge. :D
Dana´s last [type] ..Galaxy Fit- A Middle-Class Samsung Android Cell Phone


Brad Harmon April 25, 2011 at 8:36 pm

Thanks, Dana. I’m okay with failing at this challenge, but I wasn’t okay with how distracted and undisciplined I faced it the first three weeks. I may fall behind again, but it won’t be without one heck of a fight. ;)


Brad April 25, 2011 at 9:37 pm

Hey Brad, Brad here.

Yeah your friggin’ crazy. I have no idea who you are, but I read your 90 day challenge and you have lost it my friend. I don’t even think I could read 3000 posts on blogs, let alone comment on them.

Your 90 day challenge must have been borne from the depths of adult spirits.

I respect the effort and thinking BIG is awesome!

Life is good, Live it up!


Brad Harmon April 25, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Great name, Brad! I wish I could blame spirits for this crazy idea.

You want to know what’s insane? I still don’t see this as all that crazy of an idea. That’s why I hate that I gave it such a poor showing the first time around.

Even if I get close, it would mark a huge step forward compared to what I’ve done in the past. Of course, if you’re going to get close you might as well reach the summit. ;)

Thanks for the comment, the chuckle, and respect. They’re all appreciated.


Amos Johnson April 26, 2011 at 11:17 am

I think the challenge is a good one, but my question would be is this a God Idea or a Good Idea. When we go after God ideas there is an anointing that goes with it. Even if it’s hard, we are able to move forward with joy and Faith knowing that we doing exactly what God called us to do.


Brad Harmon April 26, 2011 at 11:39 am

Great question, Amos.

Here’s one of my favorite questions to ask myself, “Is what I’m doing eternally significant?” The problem, of course, is that if I ask it about every transaction I do then I’ll tend to “overspiritualize” everything.

My initial response in regards to this challenge would be no, but when I stop to think about it more I think it’s a resounding yes. I’m forcing myself to reach out 3,000 times and respond to others, plus I am providing 120 posts where I pour out my knowledge, faith, feelings, etc. in support of the overarching calling God has given me.

I guess the other question I could ask myself would be, “Is what I’m giving up to pursue this challenge eternally significant?” No, I don’t think it is. Sadly, carving out the time commitment for this challenge is from the fat of my life.

My goal for this 90 day challenge series is to use this time much more wisely than I have in the past. My next challenge will likely be an offline one. I’m still trying to decide between three ideas.


Lyka Ricks May 2, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Hi Brad,

Certainly a challenge! Challenges are faced with geared on: “Spirits High, Passion On ” plus Putting ALL the SINCERE HEART, BEST FOOT and whole BODY even SOUL forward…..
Lyka Ricks´s last [type] ..Why do Stomata need to be open


Brad Harmon May 2, 2011 at 10:00 pm

I think it will take every bit of that to accomplish this challenge, Lyka. Thanks for the advice.


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