90 Day Crazy Insane Blog Promotion Challenge – Week 02

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90 Day Crazy Insane Blog Promotion Challenge - Week 02
I just finished the second week of My Crazy Insane 90 Day Blog Promotion Challenge.  I’m starting to feel the burn, baby!  I’ll be honest, I’m starting to second guess myself with this challenge.  This is going to be much more difficult than I originally imagined.

Week Two Recap

We had another snow day this week on Wednesday which I handled much better this week, but it was still quite a distraction having my wife and son at home all day.  I’ve also started helping my friend out during tax season, but this includes two hours of commuting time traveling to North Texas.  This is going to prove to be quite difficult going forward, but I remain committed to this challenge.

Here’s what I accomplished my second week.

  • I made 100 comments on other people’s blogs last week. This brings me up to a total of 174 for the challenge; however, I’m still off the pace of the 233 per week I’ll need to make to reach 3,000.  I made it to triple digits for the week though so I’m encouraged that I’m going in the right direction.  You can see all my comments made on other blogs in the sidebar to the right.
  • I wrote 0 guest posts on other people’s blogs last week. My goal for guest posts for February was five, but it doesn’t look like I’ll make that before the end of the month.  I think I’ll be able to make these up pretty easily over the rest of the challenge.  I still expect 2 or 3 to post this month.  You can see all my guest posts in the sidebar to the right.
  • I published 6 blog posts on my blogs last week. I published 1 post on this site, 0 posts on Marketplace Christianity, and 5 posts on Big Feet Marketing.  This brings my total posts published to 13 for this challenge.  I’m very disappointed that I wasn’t able to spend time on Marketplace Christianity.  Traffic is up over 40% there primarily through search engines and referrals from my sites, but the other metrics are all hurting from the lack of attention.

How Am I Choosing Where to Comment?

With 3,000 comments to make over 90 days, part of the challenge is going to be coming up with sites where I can comment without overwhelming the blogger.  I haven’t boiled this down to a science yet, but here’s how I’m generally doing it.

  • Subscriptions in Google Reader I have about 30 active subscriptions that I read on a regular basis in my Google Reader.  Not all of these have daily postings, so they tend to make up about half of my weekly comments.
  • Blogmarking Sites I recently joined the BizSugar and BloKube communities, so I’ve used the commenting challenge as a tool to help me get to know the other members of that community.  In addition, I try to keep up with the people over at BlogEngage where I’ve been a member for quite some time.  Traffic from BizSugar has been strong since this challenge started.
  • CommentLuv Links from Commenters I try to follow people who comment on my blogs back to their blog and leave a comment or two as a way of saying thank you.  This challenge has made it a little more difficult, so if I’ve missed you it wasn’t on purpose.
  • Weekly Mashup Lists There are some people who spend a lot of time creating their weekly lists so I will spend time on the weekends going through their lists.  Two of my favorites are Kristi Hine’s Fetching Friday posts and Michele Welch’s That’s a Wrap.

How do you come up with places to comment?  Any suggestions?  I’ll need them as I continue to reach for that 233 comment per week mark.

Are you joining me in any part of this challenge?  Post your results as comments to my weekly updates, or write about it on your own blog and share the link to your post.

Let’s continue to encourage each other.

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A. Tatum Jr March 2, 2011 at 9:56 am

I applaud your efforts I’m not sure if I could pull this off. Right now my goal is to make at least 1-3 comments a day.
A. Tatum Jr´s last [type] ..Mobile Security


BigJohn March 31, 2011 at 9:14 am

Whoah! Thats a whole load of internetting you are doing, Brad! Good luck on this! If you want to comment on more blogs, try searching for keyword +”leave a comment” in google, changing keyword for the subject of blogs you are interested in, should bring up a nice list for you.
Also, if you want to find places to guestpost on, check out http://www.guestpostexchange.com.

Keep it up!
BigJohn´s last [type] ..It is FORBIDDEN to link to any page on this site


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