The Worst Commercial Ever

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Yesterday I shared with you the best commercial ever, but today we look at the worst commercial ever.  Whatever possessed Quiznos to adapt Joel Veitch’s We Love the Moon sketch featuring Spongmonkeys?  Rat-like creatures with bulging eyes singing about your subs isn’t exactly mouth watering.

Some people have claimed that this commercial is just short of advertising genius, but I just find it disturbing.  While preparing this post, I was surprised to find out that my seven year old son loves this commercial.  Maybe there’s something here I’m missing?  He didn’t ask to go to Quiznos though.

We Love the Subs, a Quiznos Commercial

5-4-3 Commercial

While not quite as disturbing as the commercial above, one still has to wonder what Quiznos was thinking when they pulled another page from the Joel Veitch playbook and recently aired these kittens singing discordantly about their subs.

What Made This a Bad Ad Campaign

These commercials have some of the same qualities that made the EDS commercials so great.  They were definitely unique, memorable, and  I’m sure some people found them humorous too; however, all of this is eclipsed by their strangeness.

Tomorrow, I’ll compare both the best and worst commercials ever in greater detail and explain why I think they were so effective (or not so effective).

What is Your Worst Commercial Ever?

What commercial is at the bottom of your list?  Why did you hate it?  Despite hating the commercial, did you think it was effective?

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Anne August 23, 2010 at 4:11 am

I can live with the kittens one, but I agree that these singing rats (or at least they look like rats to me), along with food seems is odd. I’m not sure I’d like to eat food that local rats are singing about lol
Anne´s last [type] ..Jerusalem Trip Report


Brad Harmon September 2, 2010 at 2:10 pm

My wife refuses to eat there now because of those commercials. I haven’t eaten there either since these commercials aired, but I never ate there much anyway. They certainly don’t make me want to rush down to buy a sub. I agree, the cats aren’t as bad, but they still hurt my ears whenever it appears on the television. Thankfully, most of my TV viewing is via a DVR so I can just fast forward through it.


Andrea February 25, 2011 at 3:23 pm

I loved the singing rats I though it was funny and very unique, the cats were cute but not funny its juts a commercial lol… I’ts not like the singing rats are preparing the food.


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