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Most of the links this week are from blogs I had never visited before and I found simply by hitting the Stumble! button.  I love that!

If you’re new to this series, every week I share my favorite links from bloggers that I have Stumbled Upon during the week.

These links will feature resources for blogging and social media, as well as, great posts on incorporating our Christianity into our businesses and the marketplace.  There may even be some random stuff that makes you laugh.

I added links to the images this week, and I tried to get all of the images more uniform in size.  Keep the feedback coming so I can better tailor these lists for you.

Got your cup of coffee?  Okay, let’s see what I Stumbled Upon this week.

Digital Footprints

Here’s the best posts I found this week to help with your blogging and social media use.

Why Your Blog Needs a Mailing List

Every top blogger will tell you that a mailing list is essential for the growth of your blog, but why do so many blogs (including mine) not have one?  This post by Kristi Hines does a great job explaining the benefits, tackling one of the biggest reasons most blogs don’t have a mailing list, and identifying all of the costs involved.

How to Become a Better Writer and Get Readers Loving You

I have seen this suggestion several times as a bullet point in a list of items to improve your blog writing skills; however, I had never really tried it until now.  Read the full post, and do what James suggests.  I know this technique is now part of my writing routine.

Marketplace Christianity

Here’s the best posts I found this week mixing our Christian faith and the workplace.

5 Ways to Get What You Want Without Selling Your Soul

I love this post!  Jay Peroni gives five steps that anyone can employ and are key to success in whatever endeavor you undertake.  My favorite are #1 and #4.  If you have these then I think everything else naturally falls into place.

5 Bible Verses about Money Every Christian Should Know

With over 800 verses that deal with money in the Bible, I’m amazed that many people don’t put the two subjects together more often.  When they do they often misquote, or take out of context, these verses.  This post looks at five of the most well known verses and explains their meaning.  I need to do more of this here.

The Christian Entrepreneur

Here’s the best posts I found this week to help you run your business.

Who Are Your “Trusted Advisors”?

What a great post by Michael Hyatt.  His blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites to visit because of posts like this one.  I see this problem a lot with small business owners – they try to go it alone.  We all need advisers and Michael shows us how to find them.

The Right Task vs. The Right People

This post might be short, but the advice packs a real wallop.  The diagram in this post is well worth printing out and hanging next to your computer monitor.


Here’s the best posts I found for the week that were humorous, touching, or just plain weird.

How to Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

This is a great website if you’re looking for a good source of information to pass along to your readers or Twitter followers.  Every week I find quality posts just like this one.

Want to See More Links?

Well, that’s my list for this week.  I hope that you found these links helpful, interesting, and worth your time.  If you’d like to see more, check out everything that I’ve Stumbled Upon for the week.

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Kristi July 16, 2010 at 12:40 pm

Thanks for including my post in your lineup! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and found the value of mailing lists, even if you aren’t selling anything! :)
Kristi´s last [type] ..Article Marketing Promotion with Blog Commenting


Brad Harmon July 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm

It’s my pleasure to introduce my readers to helpful bloggers like you. I appreciate that you responded to the question I left in my comment to your post. I’ll be taking steps to add a mailing list to my blog soon.

By the way, the post office box idea was not one that I had ever considered or even read about on any other blog concerning mailing lists.


Sourav July 17, 2010 at 12:29 am

That’s a great list. All these blogs were new to me except Kristi Hines’. Had a nice time reading all the posts.
Sourav´s last [type] ..Screenr – Web Based Screen Recorder


Brad Harmon July 17, 2010 at 7:33 am

I was already reading Michael Hyatt’s blog and Dumb Little Man, but the rest of the sites were all new to me as well. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. Who knows what I’ll discover next week. ;)


don Kimrey July 19, 2010 at 10:39 pm

Brad, I ‘stumbled’ upon your work at our friend Brad Moore’s blog. Enjoyed the little exchange with you about the Shrinking Camel. I made an earlier attempt to contact you and it simply vanished. Poof! Out yonder somewhere in the stratosphere. And, darnnit! It was so clever. Disgusted with my ineptitude, I went to the store, came back and decided to try again. Except this time, I read the sites you’d stumbled on and some of your other things. Very, very impressive and I’ll be back! Didn’t see my site on the list of links you’ve stumbled on. But you will surely be included in mine! don kimrey


Brad Harmon July 20, 2010 at 11:08 am

Welcome to the site Don. I still would love to see Bradley pull off my PR stunt. ;) I’m sorry your comment vanished, but I’m sure glad you came back and tried it again. You never know what I’ll StumbleUpon each week, but I’ll check out your site just in case.


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