Become a Blogger (part 2)

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Blog Walking - Become a Blogger (part 2)In part 1, we looked at the first five videos in the ten video series by Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak at

At this point in the series you should have obtained a domain name, secured a web host, installed the WordPress software, and learned how to use FTP software to upload files to your server.

In part 2, we look at the final five videos in the series.  This is where we take the standard WordPress theme and start making it our own.  It’s also where we get to add all of the bells and whistles.

Video #6: Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Blog

The theme is what gives your blog its look and feel.  WordPress has a very large community of developers, and quite a few of these fine people create themes and plugins for our use at no charge.

In this video, Gideon walks us through the following:

  • How to find a theme for your blog
  • How to download your chosen theme
  • How to install your chosen theme

This site uses the free Hybrid Theme Framework with the Hybrid News option.  I love it!  These developers work extremely hard on these themes that they give away.  If you like their work, please toss them a donation or show them some some love in your blog.

Video #7: How to Install & Use WordPress Plugins

How to Install a WordPress PluginThink of your blog’s theme as an evening dress.  If your blog is anything like my wife, then it already looks stunning just in its new dress.  Now it’s time for the accessories to make it sparkle and shine.

WARNING: Like some of the disasters that my wife likes to point out to me from the red carpet of award shows, you can definitely go too far when it comes to plugins.

Besides cluttering up your site, they can be huge resource hogs which can be an issue for your readers and your web host.

In this video, Gideon teaches us how to accessorize by:

  • What a WordPress plugin is
  • The default plugins for WordPress
  • How to install and find a new plugin
  • His recommended plugins

Video #8: How to Create Your First Blog Post & Page

Now that your blog is all dressed up, we need to give it a place to go.  In this video, Gideon shows us:How to Set Up Your Blog Post

  • How to create a blog post
    • How to add and edit text
    • How to create categories
  • How to create a blog page
    • How to add a page
    • Importance of an About page
    • Other important pages

Okay, I know it has been over two months and I still have not published my About page.  Shame, shame on me.  I am working on it, but it quickly became 1,500 words without being finished so I need some serious editing (not a strength of mine).

Video #9: What RSS is and Why You Need It

One of the mistakes I made starting out with this blog was not understanding the importance of RSS subscribers.

What RSS Is & Why It Is ImportantIn this video, Gideon explains:

  • What RSS is
  • An example of RSS in action
  • How to sign up for a Google Reader account

If you are like me, occasionally you come across a really great site and you make a mental note to come back and visit it.  Life happens, and that site becomes known as “I read somewhere.”  If you have found the content on this site helpful, won’t you please Subscribe to My RSS Feed?

Video # 10: How To Use Feedburner For Supercharging Your RSS Capabilities

I watched this last video, set up my account, and burned my feed; however, when I saw the widgets and RSS graphics I thought they were tacky so I stopped at this point.  Since I already had the links and graphics as part of my theme, I did not think I needed to do this part.  WRONG!

I could not figure out until about 3 weeks ago why I had no Feedburner subscribers, but I had Google Reader subscribers.  It was because I never changed the RSS feed links on my blog to point to the new Feedburner feed address.  Make sure you do this.

FeedburnerIn the last video, Gideon let’s us know:

  • What Feedburner is
  • The benefits of using Feedburner
  • How to set up an account with Feedburner
  • How to use Feedburner on your blog
  • How to use the email subscription option

If you are worried about making the same mistake that I did, or if you already have subscribers that you want to seamlessly convert over to Feedburner, I highly recommend using the free Feedburner Configuration Plugin by John Watson.  I “found” many subscribers I didn’t know about.

The Roadmap to Become a Blogger

The Roadmap to Become a BloggerFinally, if you sign up for the free newsletter, you’ll receive a free copy of the 72 page ebook, The Roadmap to Become a Blogger.  In this book you will learn the five milestones you MUST reach to become a successful professional blogger.

  • Milestone #1 – Discover Your Passion
  • Milestone #2 – Discover the Need
  • Milestone #3 – Test Your Market
  • Milestone #4 – Focus Your Efforts
  • Milestone #5 – Start Making Money

I know, this sounds like every other ebook.  Some of the material is the same, but it is put together with the high level of quality as the video series.  The bonus material is not something you get in every ebook – 13 “X-Factor” Strategies That’ll Put Your Blog on Steroids!

Our Next Blog Walking Stop

Please come back and join us next week as we continue our blog walking series.  Next up we look at comment plugins, and the battle between DISQUS and CommentLuv.

Miss Blog Walking – Become a Blogger (part 1)?  Click here.

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