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Sell Anybody Anything

“Has anyone ever told you that you could sell anybody anything?”  Ahh, the supreme compliment to a salesperson’s ears – or is it?  I guess that depends on if you really would.

The con artist certainly would have no problem selling something to someone that provided no value to that person or in many cases would actually harm them.

It reminds me of the used car salesman, the televangelist that peddles blessings for cash, the smooth talking Bernie Madoff lining his pockets with billions, or many MLM distributors that I’ve met.

Do You Feel It?

You see, the art of selling is really just the transference of feeling.  As Zig Ziglar put it,

If I can make you feel about my product, goods, or services the way I feel about my product, goods, or services, you, the customer, will figure out a way to buy my products, goods, or services.

This is something that marketers have known for quite some time.  Just look at an ad for Coca-Cola or McDonald’s and you will see that most of the time they are trying to sell you the feeling you would get from purchasing their product rather than the product itself.

Do You Believe It?

If we sell products or services that we do not believe in, or that we do not believe will benefit the person to whom we are selling, are we any better than the con artist?  Ask yourself, “Would I try to sell the product or service to my own mother, brothers, sisters, children, or friends?”  If not, then why not?  Do you really believe in what you are selling?

If our customers do not win by purchasing from us then we must spend more time prospecting for new ones and avoiding the old ones.  It destroys the power of the word of mouth endorsements and a loyal customer base.  To quote Zig Ziglar again,

They should choose products or services so good that they can always say with pride, “The product I sold benefited the customer far more than it did me and offered more benefits than the price we were asking.”

Now that’s a powerful statement and worth getting excited about!  Imagine the conviction and enthusiasm you would have as you talked about your product or service and how you had personally been a part of making your customer’s life a little bit better.

How much easier would it be to transfer this feeling about your product or services to your prospect?

Do You Feel Their Pain?

If you approach selling with this attitude, then it becomes something you do for people instead of something you do to people.  A CEO I know instructs his employees to, “Find the customer’s pain and become their hero by fixing it and you will have a customer for life.”

The customer must understand how your product or service meets their needs.   No matter how successful you were at transferring your feeling for the product or service to your prospect it could all be undone by buyer’s remorse.

Remember that customers buy with their emotions, but then they start searching for a logical reason to confirm the feeling they have about your product or service.  Don’t forget to provide the logic to them.

Are You a Hero?

So who have you been a hero to lately?  Who do you know that has a pain that your product or service can fix?  Have you avoided your “warm market” (friends, family, & co-workers) because you didn’t want to “sell” to them?  Don’t sell … solve their problems.

Change the way you look at the sales process and you will be surprised by how naturally the excitement about your product or services comes through to your prospects.

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Brad Harmon October 20, 2009 at 8:14 pm

I wish I could take credit for it, but it is yet another gem from Zig Ziglar.


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