MLM Buyer’s Remorse

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MLM Buyer's RemorseOne mistake that many first-time multi-level marketing (MLM) distributors make is pressuring their prospect with either the hard sell or exaggerating the product or opportunity.

It should come as no surprise that a marketing strategy like MLM that utilizes a largely untrained sales force coupled with the hype and hoopla of team meetings would produce such a result.

When a new distributor is not properly trained the power of the story created through MLM is lost through these actions that are both needless and counter-productive.

The Hard Sell

All of us have probably received the infamous cold call where the person on the other end of the line butchers our name and then quickly goes into their scripted sales pitch.

Uncomfortable isn’t it?  If you are like me the telemarketer is halfway through their phone script before they realize that I have already hung up.

Most MLM distributors start prospecting with their warm market (family, friends, or co-workers) making it hard for the prospect to walk away or just hang up.

Knowing this, some distributors aggressively pitch their solution without assessing the prospect’s needs or showing how their solution will solve that need.

They keep turning up the pressure by cashing in whatever chits they may have or trying to create some sympathy or guilt to close the deal.

Exaggerated Claims

If the hard sell is not working, the distributor is tempted to exaggerate their claims about the product or opportunity.  Most convince themselves that the end justifies the mean and that their prospect will thank them later.

After all, the team meetings showed them how easy it would be to sign up distributors because the product would practically sell itself.  Their prospect must just be missing it.  If the prospect got it then they would feel the same way the distributor did during the hype of the team meeting.

The problem is that the exaggerated claims lead to unrealistic expectations about a product or opportunity that may be really great, but when the claims are not replicated by your new distributor they feel like they were duped or that they do not have what it takes to succeed with MLM.

Buyer’s Remorse Sets In

It is about this time that your new distributor is overcome with the MLM buyer’s remorse.  When all the hype and emotions that surrounded their decision to buy is gone they are left trying to justify their purchase.

If you exaggerated your claims then they are also dealing with new emotions that either they or the product is inadequate since they cannot replicate your claims.

Even if you did not utilize the tactics of the hard sell or exaggerated claims, it is quite natural for a new distributor to feel MLM buyer’s remorse as soon as the transaction is completed.  It is usually present whenever the reasons for the purchase originate from outside the buyer rather than from the buyer.

Dealing with MLM Buyer’s Remorse

So how do you deal with MLM buyer’s remorse?  To start with avoid the hard sell and exaggerating claims about the product or opportunity.  These will only heighten the problem.

Don’t forget to look through the prospect’s eyes and explain how the product meets their needs or will make their life better.  When the hype and emotions of the sale are gone this will help the new distributor justify their purchase.

Don’t abandon your new distributor after the sale is done – remember that if they do not make money then you do not make money.  As their new sponsor, it is your responsibility to make sure they succeed.

The secret to MLM success is to replicate yourself in your downline over and over again.  Make sure that your prospect knows that you are committed after the sale is done, then follow through on that committment.

In the end, MLM is less about selling than it is about teaching your downline and building relationships.  It is hard to be remorseful about that!

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Brad Harmon October 20, 2009 at 8:11 pm

So many people don't get that. Even if you make the sale, it is unlikely that you will ever make another to that person.


kwhartford12 June 6, 2010 at 10:54 am

I am new at MLM, but everything you said about remorse rings true…
…It is human nature to feel like we made a mistake…
but the worst mistake we can make is to QUIT…
…I saw a video on you tube that talked about the odds of succeeding in anything go UP dramaticcally simply by NOT quitting…Kevin


Brad Harmon July 14, 2010 at 6:26 pm

I think there are many who don’t fully understand what they are getting into when they join an MLM company. Buyer’s remorse is not always a bad feeling to have. It does indicate that there was a poor sales job down though if you can’t kick the feeling by quickly running down the benefits of your purchase. The other option is that you’ve realized you’ve been scammed, and you should be having a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

If you’re in a valid mlm company then you should have sponsors around you that are supplying you with both the skills and the encouragement you need to become successful. You’re right that many people quit way to soon in almost every endeavor in life. Some people need to simply pick themselves up off the floor and keep on trying.


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